Regis W. Haid, Jr., MD, Spine Surgeon

Atlanta, Georgia
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Firstly, Be a Good Doctor

Although internationally recognized as a teacher and innovator in the world of medicine, Dr. Haid sees himself as a doctor first. He practices medicine in a way that is centered around the patient and not around technology. While it is often true that Dr. Haid developed the advanced technology that might be used to repair a cervical disc, his approach is based around the unique needs and personality of each patient.

Regis W. Haid, Jr. MD

The term "holistic" has become trendy, but it describes a view of medicine that takes in to account the patient as a whole. A depressed patient may experience more relative pain than a patient who is not depressed. A disintegrating marriage may affect the outcome of a spinal surgery, and a patient with the goal of dancing at a daughter's wedding may have a special will to go through rehabilitation.

Dr. Haid treats the patient as a whole, taking the time to understand the unique needs and aspirations of people who come from around the world to seek his help. His techniques are on the leading edge of what is possibile. His care is firmly rooted in the tradition of compassionate physicians who strive to relieve human suffering.

In the end, Dr. Haid's joy in being a surgeon comes from the simple act of helping people. The honing of surgical skills, the machines, the technology, and the inventions are just the tools that make that possible.

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